Saturday, August 17, 2019

Is There Corruption of Power?

Is there corruption of power in broad daylight?
Is there a crime scene, pretending, to be caring and right?
Does the perpetrator and his gang, proclaim, “Rule of law”?
Is this a sickening spectacle that should stick in peoples’ craw?

Is this barefaced posturing, by a dolt and a fool?
Did a hypocrite and his honchos of hot air get to rule?
Should he and his cabal be arrested for lies and corruption?
Are the public instead, fed B.S. for their consumption

Is it scandalous to watch this corrupt performance?
Of a person in power in a position of governance
Will nobody say: “Our ruler has no clothes”?
Instead this “ruler” gets away with being verbose

He says he cares for the people and the country too
Is the country being fooled by him and his crew?
There is evidence that they attempted to pervert “the rule of law”
But, they deny, and deny: Are they criminal outlaws?

How will it end and will justice and law prevail?
Will anyone or anybody even go to jail?
Is there no law for those in an “ivory tower”?
Are we seeing blatant corruption in positions of power?

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” – Lord Acton

Stephen J. Gray
August 17, 2019.