Saturday, August 10, 2019

Did People Vote For This?

“Depravity is an intense form of immorality, a moral perversion”

The parades are “family friendly” say the media propagandists
Are people marching naked, law breakers and exhibitionists?
It appears that there are no rules for those that break the law
And politicians and the police march with them: are they all scofflaws?...
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This week we are going country wide with an important question. As you know, we at the Collective Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) are funded by millions of dollars of your taxes; therefore, we thought it appropriate a question should be asked of a taxpayer in each of the provinces.

The question is as follows: “This country is a country of equality; therefore, should a man that says he is a woman have a genitalia wax job in a female-only business?  We will take answers from one taxpayer in each province, and in equality fairness, start the calls in alphabetical order by province....
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The other night while flicking through the TV channels I watched some bits of “news” from PTV. One story was about a man that wanted his genitals waxed and had taken his case to the Human Rights Commission (HRC). It appears he was refused by a business that served women, because they don’t do this kind of waxing on men. It seems this man claims that he is a woman, and he says he is transgendered, even though he/she has male genitalia. The PTV news anchor kept referring to the man as a “She” even though he is a “He.” Anyway, Global TV told us He was a “She.”...
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When depravity rules a country then it is in a bad way                                   
And the perverted and the degenerate get to hold sway
The political class are responsible for what happens to the land                                   
And filth and corruption are acceptable because of “their stand”

Orgies are okay as long as no “harm” is done
So says a “respected” judge: Is debauchery just harmless fun?
Another judge “reads in” a product of their imagination
Are these people fit to judge and force rules on the nation?...
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Is it all coming down to them or us?
Will we continue to be silent and not make a fuss?
Will we allow them to pervert our childrens’ young minds?
In government sanctioned sex education about mankind

They are telling young children they can be a girl or a boy
And that gender can be changed just like a new toy
That the words man and woman don’t mean what they say
Will we allow them to continue to postulate, and will we continually give way?...
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Bailing out the media with taxpayers dollars
“$600” million to subsidize the propaganda horrors
Has the Trudeau government bought the “free press”?
Will the media recipients obviously the truth suppress?...
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Will nobody in power take a truthful and courageous stand?
And say: “We will not allow any misfits to control this land”
Instead they cringe and cower: this politically correct lot
Are some countries ruled by cowards and crackpots?...
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Everything that once was normal, moral, and good
Has been replaced by the abnormal, immoral and lewd
The law has been perverted to “legitimize” the unnatural
And words “man” and “woman” are no longer factual...
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I believe:

If Jesus were alive today
He would be in jail for having His say
He would be put on trial for telling the truth
By those that peddle lies and are uncouth

If He dared to question today’s filth
And its empires the establishment built
He would be criticized in the dirt-bag media
For promoting hate and hysteria

If He questioned the killing of the pre-born
He would be reviled and treated with scorn
He would be declared an enemy of “choice”
For saying, “Thou shall not kill” with His voice...
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Oh Canada what comes next for you?
From this rabid ruling political crew
$600 Million of taxpayers’ dollars
Is being handed over to some “needy media scholars”...
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Stephen J. Gray
August 10, 2019.

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