Thursday, August 15, 2019

Is “The Rule of Law” a Joke?

The “rule of law,” he, he, he                                                          
It’s not meant to be funny, please believe me               
Corruption and bribery are serious matters
And nobody wants to see the “law” in tatters...

They exclaim: “rule of law, rule of law, rule of law”
Are they the biggest hypocrites you ever saw?
Spouting words that we are expected to believe
Are they trying to confuse and deceive?...

If there was “pressure” from some in power
If that is true then they should have no cover
They must be exposed for justice to prevail
If this is not done, then “law and order” is a fable...        

If justice is perverted
Then the system becomes corrupted
Are “rule of law,” just empty words?
That sound good, but are absurd...

When a society loses its moral compass
Do criminals get special privileges among us?
Do those in power try to excuse and explain away?
Corporate lawbreaking: Does corruption hold sway?...

The people are prisoners of a system, they’re conditioned to accept
Taxed, and taxed, and propagandized, and taxed again to death
One wonders, and wonders will the people ever say: ‘Enough”?
And will they continue to be docile under: The Rule of the Corrupt?...

I see a country being destroyed by those that rule
I see a country in the hands of fools
I see the peoples’ tax dollars being squandered
I see those in power giving perverted orders...

Are the powerful above the law?
Should they be held in awe?
Or should they be held to account?
Or are they classed as paramount?

Does corruption become embedded over time?
Does the system become oblivious to this as a crime?
How does society get any lawful protections?
Surely, these are serious questions?...

I listened to hypocrites on television today
Talking to a “justice committee” and having their say
A number of them were saying, a “remediation agreement” would save jobs
A corporation should not be prosecuted because the innocent would be robbed...

You can’t have “rule of law” for all, with a double standard for some
A multi-national corporation needs to have its scandals and fun
So what! If there is bribery and corruption involved
Just ask the politicians and lawmakers to do as they are told...

The masses “need direction” from those that are in charge
Do any of them care if there are criminals at large?
So just give the multi-national corporation more contracts and grants
And just let the system of “law and order” continue, with hypocrisy and Cant...

When a party becomes dirty
Will ethics become history?
Will liars have an accessory?
Will corruption have a victory?...

Can a party become a threat to democracy?
If it tries to enforce unlawful advocacy
If this happens would it be a crime?
And would those responsible do jail time...                                     

Can a government be arrested in its totality?
If there is evidence of its criminality
If it tried to subvert the course of justice
Could the rule of law be in danger of prejudice?...

Has the rule of law been brought into disrepute?
If there is no attempt to try and prosecute
Can bribery, corruption, and fraud, be given immunity?
Can a government be arrested if there is criminality?...

Stephen J. Gray
August 15, 2019.

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