Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Oh Canada what comes next...?

Oh Canada what comes next for you?
From this rabid ruling political crew
$600 Million of taxpayers’ dollars
Is being handed over to some “needy media scholars”

Some are CEOs and some are big trade unions
All meeting and sharing thoughts on a giveaway distribution
On how to disperse $600 million of the peoples’ compulsory taxes
To the media, workers, trade unions, and other powerful voices

The unions are funded by millions in compulsory union dues
And no doubt this latest windfall will blow away their blues
The well heeled CEOs are happy to get a big handout too
The only huge losers are the people; like me and you

We are forced to pay, to feed the propaganda monsters
Are the media CEOs and unions suffering from a greed disorder?
The ordinary people everywhere will pay, and pay, and pay
So that tax free unions and CEOs can “produce news” and play

Trade unions already spend their memberships’ compulsory dues
By funding and supporting many different organizations: is this an abuse?
This type of “unionism” surely proves union dues are much too high
Is this a flagrant double standard and where is the outcry?

Politicians do the same thing too, by squandering the peoples’ money
And there is evidence to prove that in doing this, they have a history
Meanwhile, the people are taxed, and taxed, and taxed some more
And nothing is done, about those that have monies, in tax havens offshore

 Cynics might say: “This $600 million is daylight robbery of taxpayers’ monies"
But hey, this is Canada, where “rule of law” and “sunny ways” are treated as buddies
Still, the handout recipients believe this solution for them is a good “fix”?
But, the fed up taxpayers are saying: “Oh Canada, what is coming next”?

Stephen J. Gray
May 29, 2019.

Links below, I believe, describe Canada’s road to ruin: