Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Hate Crimes of The “Right Honourable” and The “Honourable”

Millions of people are dead, their countries and homes destroyed, millions are refugees. All are victims of hate crimes perpetrated by past and present war criminals in positions of power.
The perpetrators of these hateful war crimes and crimes against humanity operate out of parliaments, houses of congress, and other places of power. Some are retired and hailed as statesmen, and eminent persons when in fact they all – past and present - based on the evidence available should be in jail.

It has been said that: “The wheels of justice turn slowly...” but based on the evidence available the “justice” wagon appears to have been deliberately crashed, and it is dead and buried by war criminals in positions of power. These people (are they really people?) are getting away with murdering millions of people in a number of countries. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and other countries too are suffering from the depredations and illegal wars planned by them.

Are those that run the system to powerful for justice?
Do gangsters and villains “rule the roost” among us?
Has law and order become words that mean nothing?
When those in control; control almost everything...

Sooner than later, this past and present ruling scum
Should have to pay for what they have done
They posture and preen on the world stage
These evil, depraved, war criminals of the present age...

Only evil monsters, could do, what they have done
Murdering and bombing: ethics they have none
Instead they posture and preen on the world stage
Satanic “leaders” of this corrupt and evil age...

Still, these hate filled hypocrites are “experts” in hypocrisy:
The slaughterers of millions tweet their “thoughts and prayers”
These are the same people that sent missiles through the air
That landed on countries that never invaded us
Now they send their “sympathy” to victims, despite their war lust

Innocent victims continue to die in diabolical killings
In mosques, churches, schools and in countries that they were living
Violence is everywhere and in many a peaceful place
Have all these illegal wars caused distrust among the human race?...

Presidents and prime ministers are “leaders” of these war gangs
Some are retired, but are responsible too, for their past harangues
They gave the orders that sent death and destruction into many countries
They also were part and parcel of this hellish war industry...

They sell arms to dictators and despots, and say they are creating jobs
Aided and abetted by corporate cannibals and profiteering mobs
Children are massacred in a school bus in Yemen
The missiles manufactured in a corporate “free enterprise” haven...

But hey, these hate filled hypocrites have no “thoughts and prayers” for Yemen.

There are no “thoughts and prayers” for the people of Yemen                                     
Murdered by the Saudi coalition of Western vermin
This vermin supplies the missiles and bombs
That brings maiming and death in different forms

This blood drenched land is a crime against humanity
The war criminals of the West are partners to depravity
Some even guide the missiles into homes and hospitals
Innocent children are slaughtered receiving a medical...

This hellish hate is :
The “Achievements” of “Our Leaders”


They have destroyed a number of countries in illegal wars. [1] [1a]
They have killed millions of people doing this. [2]
They are responsible for the deaths of thousands of soldiers that obeyed orders. [3]
They have created millions of refugees [4]
They have created bloodstained profits for arms dealers. [5] [5a]
They have financed, trained and armed the terrorists they are supposed to be fighting. [6]
They even import and settle terrorists into their own countries. [7] [7a]
They and most of the media are concealing treason and treachery with propaganda [8] [8a]
They have committed 21st Century war crimes. [9]
They have committed genocide in Yemen [10]
They have plotted and planned a number of wars. [11] [11a]
They along with NATO have done “diabolical work” [12[ [12a]
They have used our tax dollars to pay for their depredations [13] 13a]

Stephen J. Gray
May 15, 2019.

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