Saturday, May 18, 2019

Sugar-coating Language

They sugar-coat the language to make it sound good
These degenerates of democracy are perverted and lewd
They kill their young and call the crime, “freedom of choice”
These unfeeling hypocrites, in innocent deaths rejoice

They kill the elderly and sick, by lethal and “kindly overdose”
They call their actions “dying with dignity” and other verbose
They call this “health care,” by caring professionals
Deliberately killing people, used to be a crime and criminal

They legalize dope and make it a, “green business”
They don’t care that drug taking can bring sadness
The elites sit on the boards of Pot corporations
Addiction and other illnesses could come from “legalization”

They kill millions in illegal war invasions
 Bringing slaughter and destruction to many a nation
They call these atrocities, “responsibility to protect”
These war criminal bandits are death architects

They make laws to protect the mad, degenerate, and perverted
They operate from Houses of Power and should be arrested
Instead they have ludicrous titles in front of their names
Death dealing decadents that have no ethics or shame

There are many more examples of what is happening today
This is what happens when the perverted get their way
Ethics, principles and morality are being extinguished
And it is camouflaged by sugar-coating the language

Stephen J. Gray
May 18, 2019.

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