Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Is a Big Union Boss Using Compulsory Union Dues For HIS Own Political Views?

Is a Big Union Boss Using Compulsory Union Dues For HIS Own Political Views?


Unifor to run anti-Conservative ad campaign despite concerns of member journalists

The union represents 12,000 journalists and media workers. Some of them worry the union's political stance jeopardizes their objectivity
Updated: August 19, 2019
“We do not tell members how to vote, but I will be speaking out against the Conservative Party,” Dias wrote in the email. “Journalists, my own communications staff, even our Atlantic Regional Director, Lana Payne, a former journalists (sic), have all explained to me why our union’s partisan stance makes some of you uncomfortable. I hear you,” he wrote....

Dias said he was protecting jobs, noting that Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer opposed federal funding to the news industry. The Liberals committed $600 million in the latest budget to help the news industry over the next five years.

Adding to concerns about bias, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez named Unifor as one of eight panel members in May to advise the government on how to deliver its commitments to the news industry. The other panel members included the Media Council of Canada, News Media Canada and the Canadian Association of Journalists.

Unifor members include columnists, editors and news anchors at the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Global TV and CTV stations. It also represents employees at the Winnipeg Free Press, London Free Press and the Hamilton Spectator (it does not represent employees at National Post)....

“We all know that what your union says publicly does not impact your objectivity or your journalistic integrity as media workers,” Dias wrote. “Paying dues to a union does not mean you have to agree with everything your union does.”... (emphasis added)

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May 26, 2019

A Canadian Union: Unifor is ‘the resistance’

Unifor uses the word “democracy,” yet, it is funded by compulsory union dues, as are other trade unions in Canada. Which raises the question, Is Unifor ‘resistance’ being paid for by the compulsory union dues of its members? Or is ‘the resistance’ cabal doing its “work” on its own free time and using its own money? Another question is this, Unifor probably has members that vote conservative or for various other political parties? Is it “democratic” that ‘the resistance’ is taking a position that could be contrary to any number of its members? After all, union members have a variety of views on all kinds of issues, therefore is this position of ‘the resistance’ an affront to their freedoms and should it be allowed in a supposedly free country?...

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June 11, 2019

Billions of Tax Dollars Given Away

Billions and millions of tax dollars are given away
Extorted from taxpayers who don’t have a say
Is this a country in the hands of a political fool?
Does nonsense and hypocrisy from his lips drool?

Billions are sent to countries overseas
To pay for their abortions: if you please!
What an obscene use of money to kill the pre-born
Is this, disgusting, sick, and definitely, a terrible wrong?

Millions of dollars are being handed to the unionized media
And corporate chieftains also, will get some of this tax monies utopia
The propaganda pushers will now have the peoples’ tax dollars to fund their “news”
And the “journalists” unions can spend more money, from forced union dues

Mandatory union dues, support and finance many non work issues
Now “$600 million” of taxpayers’ dollars could be also misused
Should there be a public inquiry into the dispersal of union dues?
This is the memberships monies and can be subjected to abuse

Millions of membership dollars have been given away over the years
To numerous organizations, and various parties; from union overseers
All this money given away comes from members compulsory union dues
Is this really “democratic” and do the union members get to freely choose?

Or are they just like all other taxpayers, prisoners of a system
Where money is forcibly taken from them: Is this freedom?
Has “democracy” been hijacked, when people have no say?
As a leader of a country gives billions and millions of taxpayers’ dollars away?...
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Third-party advertisers start disclosing ad spending as election nears
By Christian Paas-Lang, The Canadian Press — Jun 29 2019
"We're all in," said Jerry Dias, national president of Unifor, the country's largest private-sector union.

"We're entitled to spend $511,000 in the writ period — we're going to spend $511,000" he added. "There is no question, we will be very aggressive."... (emphasis added)
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Stephen J. Gray
August 20, 2019.