Friday, July 26, 2019

When Depravity Rules

“Depravity is an intense form of immorality, a moral perversion”
When depravity rules a country then it is in a bad way                  
And the perverted and the degenerate get to hold sway
The political class are responsible for what happens to the land                      
And filth and corruption are acceptable because of “their stand”

Orgies are okay as long as no “harm” is done
So says a “respected” judge: Is debauchery just harmless fun?
Another judge “reads in” a product of their imagination
Are these people fit to judge and force rules on the nation?

The rule of law becomes the rule of the lawless, and the obscene
And people parade and walk naked in a number of street scenes
Grovelling politicians and police lead these sad and sexual parades
Do the depraved and the decadent, the city streets invade?

Young children are given lessons in perverted sex education
Mandated by mad governments with power infatuations
If parents object and protest this dirty, filthy insanity
They are mocked and laughed at by the ruling profanity

The morally sick and sleazy dictate their evil wants
And most of the compliant media support all their stunts
Propaganda is the forte of deviant and twisted journalism
That makes one wonder: does their message sounds like nihilism?

The media bray their B.S. twenty four hours a day
And some of the brainwashed accept whatever they print and say
The government is handing over millions of taxpayers’ monies
So that the “media” can propagandize more “news” and the “funnies”

The so-called “free press” is not really “investigative” and “free”
Many of them pay compulsory union dues and are captives you see
They promote and support, most of the happenings of the politically correct
As do the trade unions to whom the media are compulsory union subjects

The country therefore, I believe, has a fictitious “free press”
And the news can be propagandized, oh what a dirty mess
The media control the “news” and have the broadcasting tools
Saying nudity and obscenity is “family friendly” then depravity does rule

Stephen J. Gray
July 26, 2019.

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