Saturday, July 20, 2019

Bailing Out the “Media”

Bailing out the media with taxpayers dollars
“$600” million to subsidize the propaganda horrors
Has the Trudeau government bought the “free press”?
Will the media recipients obviously the truth suppress?

They have already done this on the issue of abortion
Covering up the atrocities by supporting a “choice” definition
491 babies survived attempted killings in abortion chambers
Then were left to die and the media failed to inform their readers

Recently the movie “Unplanned” was subjected to media propaganda
Most of them declared this movie was not spectacular
Despite the fact it was a true story of those that bring death
To the pre-born innocents in the womb as they draw their last breath

The media has also covered up, the training of terrorists by NATO
This important information is censored and is a media no show
The peoples’ tax dollars are paying for this criminal treachery
That surely is a diabolical waste and a bloody dirty mockery

There even is evidence that terrorists were allowed into the country
But, the media did not report any of this traitorous reality
Instead they peddle their B.S. and constant bloody lies
But hey, based on the evidence is that really a surprise?

The media union bosses will have more money to squander
As they play with taxpayers monies: Is that not a downer?
The media corporate owners will also get a free ride with taxpayers’ dollars
Are the people and the unemployed happy to subsidize these monsters?

I believe the “news” system is really a propaganda farce
And the so-called “free press” could be called, “bizarre”
Funded by compulsory union dues and “$600” million of taxpayers cash
I believe, the bailing out of the media will result in more liberal balderdash

Stephen J. Gray
July 20, 2019.

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