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The Diabolical “Work” of NATO and Its Allies: Why Are These War Criminals Still Free?

“NATO talks about fighting international terrorism as one of its missions. The truth is that NATO has greatly exacerbated global terrorism from a host of illegal wars it has launched in the Middle East and North Africa.” Editorial 13.07.2018

NATO’s recent meeting or summit in Brussels July 11 – 12, 2018, could be described as a gathering of heinous hypocrites. [1] There are millions of people dead, millions are refugees, their countries have been destroyed and our ruling hypocrites spout the words “rule of law.” Has there ever been a gang of human reptiles (are they even human?) so evil, dressed in expensive suits [and dresses] and operating out of houses of power called “parliaments" and other houses of ill repute? These criminals, or gangsters, or bandits, or reprobates (Add your own epithet) are up to their filthy necks in the blood of the victims of their planned carnage.

Yet it was reported: “The summit will also discuss the fight against terrorism.” Gee! Does that statement about fighting “terrorism” smack of hypocrisy? There is evidence that NATO and its members have, in fact, been consorting with, and supporting, terrorists. [2]

“Lest we forget, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, have been financing and training the ISIL terrorists on behalf of the United States.  Israel is harbouring the Islamic State in the Golan Heights, NATO in liaison with the Turkish high command has since March 2011 been involved in coordinating the recruitment of the jihadist fighters dispatched to Syria. Moreover, the ISIL brigades are integrated by Western special forces and military advisers....” [2] Prof Michael Chossudovsky
Global Research, September 25, 2014.

“The Pentagon, NATO and Israel are the protagonists of war and war crimes. Al Qaeda and the Islamic State are presented as the ‘outside enemy’ which threatens the Western World, when in fact Al Qaeda and the ISIS are supported and financed by the Western military alliance as well as the State of Israel out of the Golan heights.” Prof Michel Chossudovsky, July 12, 2018

Meanwhile, the Prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, who attended the NATO meeting, reportedly said this about NATO:
“In a strong endorsement of NATO, Trudeau stated: ‘[NATO] is about enhancing and protecting the democratic principles that we all hold as our core values. That is something that continues to be as relevant as it has been.’” Ashish Kumar Sen, July 11, 2018

And The Atlantic Council article that quoted Trudeau (in the article link above) is written about in another article at link below:

“Facebook Partners with Saudi-Funded Think Tank to Censor Posts That Threaten ‘Democracy’”
May 18, 2018 at 1:19 pm
Written by Jake Johnson
“The Atlantic Council ‘will now assist Facebook in suppressing what they decide is disinformation.’”
“This is alarming,” independent journalist Rania Khalek concluded in a tweet on Thursday. “The Atlantic Council — which is funded by gulf monarchies, western governments, NATO, oil and weapons companies, etc. — will now assist Facebook in suppressing what they decide is disinformation.”...

“According to a New York Times report from 2014, the Atlantic Council has received donations from at least 25 foreign nations since 2008, including the United Kingdom, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.”

The Trudeau government sells weapons to Saudi Arabia, a dictatorship that is reportedly funding terrorists, as are reportedly some G20 members, [3] of which Canada is a member.

“Known and documented, Saudi Arabia has played a key strategic role in promoting and financing terrorism on behalf of Washington. Moreover, Saudi weapons purchases from the US and Canada are also being used to equip and arm various ‘opposition’ rebel groups in Syria including the ISIL and Al Nusrah.” Prof, Michel Chossudofsky, Global Research, March 02, 2016
Global Research 22 December 2015   

“Islamic State (Isil), with its newly conquered territory, oilfields and bank vaults, no longer needs much foreign money. But its extraordinarily swift rise to this point, a place where it threatens the entire region and the West, was substantially paid for by the allies of the West. Isil’s cash was raised in, or channelled through, Kuwait and Qatar, with the tacit approval and sometimes active support of their governments.” -Andrew Gilligan, Telegraph U.K. September 6, 2014.

“While, undeniably, the Islamic State has shown itself beyond the pale with its beheading of innocents and its massacres of soldiers who have surrendered, let us not forget that our allies abetted these monsters,...” Patrick Buchanan, September 26, 2014. “A Basket of Snakes”

“Last year the chiefs of staff of the US, Britain, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey met in Jordan; and a report by UAE's newspaper... also mentions the existence of a secret command center in Jordan which is staffed by military officials from 14 Western and Arab countries including Israel. This command center coordinates the operations of the rebels (jihadis) in southern Syria; while the operations of the jihadis in northern Syria are coordinated by similar command centers and bases in Turkey....” Nauman Sadiq, Sept, 22, 2014.

“Under U.S. law it is illegal for any American to provide money or assistance to al-Qaeda, ISIS or other terrorist groups. If you or I gave money, weapons or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS, we would be thrown in jail. Yet the U.S. government has been violating this law for years, quietly supporting allies and partners of al-Qaeda, ISIL, Jabhat Fateh al Sham and other terrorist groups with money, weapons, and intelligence support, in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government.[i]... Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, December 8, 2016,Press Release.

“Then there is Turkey, an actual NATO member,... Turkey has allowed ISIS to be replenished by allowing its own territory to be used as a transit zone for jihadist volunteers....” - Scott McConnell, October 15, 2014.

“Until recently, tiny, oil-rich Kuwait avoided public scrutiny as attention to terrorist financing focused more sharply on Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar....Last month, the administration decided to go public with its concerns. In a remarkably undiplomatic statement that officials said had been cleared at senior levels, Treasury Undersecretary David S. Cohen called Kuwait ‘the epicenter of fundraising for terrorist groups in Syria.’”

“Our ally Kuwait has become the epicenter of fundraising for terrorist groups in Syria.” 

18 U.S. Code § 2339A - Providing material support to terrorists

NATO is harbouring the Islamic State

One would think that this double dealing and the treacherous alliances with terrorists would be all over the front pages of the “investigative media” here in Canada and elsewhere, but it is not. [4] Still, Justin Trudeau reportedly says we have “our core values.”

In fact it appears based on the evidence at links above, that NATO members are not only training and supporting terrorists, but there are links to other organizations and think tanks. Some of these think tanks are reportedly getting funding from countries, [5] that are reportedly funding terrorists. Therefore the question must be asked: “Should Some Political Leaders and Others Be Tried as Accessories After the fact”? [6] Because it appears, based on the evidence, that those in power (past and present), and their supporters and cohorts, are or were involved in supporting horrific wars and crimes against humanity; paid for by taxpayers’ dollars, while pretending to be paragons of virtue.

In closing, based on the reported evidence, I ask, “Are There War Criminals Living In America, Canada, England, Germany, France and other NATO Countries”? [7]

“I think that NATO is itself a war criminal” – Harold Pinter

Stephen J. Gray
July 14, 2018.

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