Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Putin, Putin, Putin and More Putin

Putin did this, Putin did that
Putin fixed the election, how about that!
Putin got inside silly American heads
Putin had them voting for Trump instead (of Hillary)

Putin is an aggressor so we are told
Putin wants the West to join his fold
Putin controls America, he won the election
Putin is seen smiling was that satisfaction?

Putin controls Trump so the media says
Putin and Trump in Helsinki embrace
Putin is devious the spy chiefs tell us
Putin can’t be trusted, says the spy chorus

Putin is everywhere and under your bed
Putin only knows what he and Trump said
Putin gave Trump a soccer ball as a present
Putin controls Trump at the Helsinki event

Putin is not our ally the warmongers say
Putin is our enemy the ruling villains neigh
Putin must be criticized so Trump backtracked
Putin wants peace but the warmongers attack

Putin will be held responsible for what happens
Putin is the reason for all our weapons
Putin as a villain makes profits for the war industry
Putin will be blamed for destroying the country

Putin must be vilified and made to pay
Putin is our enemy forever and a day
Putin must be told that him we deplore
Putin will feel our wrath in a coming nuclear war

Goodbye Putin, Good bye America Too
America is Great Again if only it knew

Stephen J. Gray
July 18, 2018.

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