Monday, July 9, 2018

2% Is The Price

2% of GDP is the price for bombing, destroying, and killing
That gets you membership in the “coalition of the willing”
Blood money that pays for death and destruction
2% gets member countries a piece of the bloody war action

2% is the price that leaves men, women, and children dead
2% can also create millions of refugees, who have fled
Trying to escape the hell, 2% GDP paid for, and created
Having to escape their countries; destroyed and desecrated

2% gets membership privileges in the billion dollar war palace
A place that plots and plans for invasions, with eager malice
Wreckers and destroyers of countries: This is their Headquarters
 Are killing, bombing and destroying, dangerous mental disorders?

Still, nice uniforms and plenty of missiles and weapons
2% GDP pays for all their much needed outfits and aggression
The result of all this 2% GDP for wars and savagery
Causes millions of deaths, and for the living victims, misery

Will the people whose taxes pay for warring and killing
And training and supporting terrorists, for whom they get the billing
Will they ever wake up, and start to think, and maybe realize
That they could be paying for treason, and treachery in disguise

2% of their tax monies can be financing terrorists and both sides in wars
They, the taxpayers, are the paymasters for all the blood and gore
Treachery and treason is camouflaged by those in the halls of power
And 2% of the peoples’ taxes pay for this Nato-rious warmongering shower

If only this 2% of GDP was used for peaceful aims
Millions would still be alive, not victims of the insane
Some countries would still be whole, that surely would be nice
Unfortunately, 2% of GDP for war and violence, is an abominable price

Stephen J. Gray
July 9, 2018.

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