Saturday, April 7, 2018

An Excuse to Start a War?

Are they looking for an excuse to start a war?
The warmongering criminals, hear them roar
Russia did this and Russia is always doing that
The western war criminals, accusations fall flat

They are the ones that plotted a number of wars
Iraq, Libya, Syria are the “work” of these bloody whores
Millions are dead, and their countries destroyed
And the western war criminals are of ethics, devoid

Now they are encircling Russia with nuclear missiles
Is it any wonder that Russia is starting to bristle?
The war criminals are making allegations and trying to provoke
Do they want the world to explode and go up in smoke?

Do they think Russia will tolerate their propaganda and lies?
Will their machinations bring hellfire down from the skies?
Are the war criminals drunk with power, blood, and gore?
Do these mad bastards, and criminals, want a Nuclear War?

“The future of humanity hinges on the push of a button. Do you trust the current lot of feeble minded sociopaths to do the right thing?” James Quinn.

Stephen J. Gray
April 7, 2018.

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