Monday, April 16, 2018

“Respectable War Criminals,” Child Killers, Gangsters, Etc. Add Your Own Epithet...

The latest war crime by the war criminals in our midst is the firing of numerous missiles into Syria over an unproven chemical weapons attack. This: “Ménage à Trois of War Criminals” [1] committed an illegal act of war and were mostly praised by their sycophants in the propagandized corporate media.

Therefore, the question is this: when are these war criminals going to be arrested along with other past and present world leaders that have participated in other illegal wars? The slaughtered children of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Gaza, Yemen and other countries cry from their graves for justice.  Mass arrests are needed of this vermin that hold, and have held positions of power in their so-called “houses of democracy.” Their crimes must not be ignored or forgotten.

The information below raises important questions regarding this heinous attack by the western war criminals:

“One simple point: if the US/UK/France really believed the building they targeted (and hit) in a heavily populated civilian area of Damascus was actually making chemical weapons, what do they think would have happened if all that toxic material had been dispersed by explosions throughout the surrounding neighborhoods? Hundreds if not thousands of civilians would have died. So either the "Western powers" knowingly risked killing thousands of innocent people -- or else they knew the building was not actually a chemical weapons facility.

“Thus we are left with two possible conclusions: either they are "gas-killing animals" happy to murder untold numbers of innocent people in a military action (the very crime of which they accuse Asad); or they are deeply cynical liars using entirely bogus "humanitarian" concerns to advance a geopolitical agenda of domination in the Middle East that has already killed more than a million innocent human beings, displaced millions more, destroyed several countries and destabilized the entire world. There really are no other options....”

These ruling “Gadarene Swine” (past and present) have long had an agenda to attack other countries.
 This diabolical “plan” is described in the must listen to video below:

And more evidence can be seen at links below.

Make no mistake these “Heinous hypocrites with their fancy titles” [2] are responsible for all these deadly depredations: There are millions of people dead, millions are refugees, their countries have been destroyed and our ruling hypocrites spout the words “rule of law.” Has there ever been a gang of human reptiles (are they even human?) so evil, dressed in expensive suits and operating out of houses of power called “parliaments" and other houses of ill repute? These criminals, or gangsters, or bandits, or reprobates (Add your own epithet) are up to their filthy necks in the blood of the victims of their planned carnage.

You can see them posturing and preening on the world stage: The Scumbags of the Western World and Their “Allies” that Fund and Arm Terrorists. [3] “Respectable Gangsters of the Earth.” [4] Residing in positions of power, whose main headquarters is “The House of Blood,” [5] a place where they show: “Solidarity Among War Criminals.” [6]
Therefore, one has to ask: “Will Nobody Arrest the War Criminals or are Gangsters in Control”? [7]

And, based on the evidence, that gangsters are in control, then, one can only say:
“Never have so many villains been elected to power, and given the title “honourable.”

There is no “Peace on Earth” because of what you do                                 
Millions are dead and their homes destroyed, all “thanks” to you
Some cities have been reduced to burning, smoking rubble
And some countries are now in chaos; you started all this trouble

Millions are in refugee camps, and millions wander the earth
Many refugees are drowning in the sea, or lying dead in the surf
Bombing, killing, blood and gore is your legacy to humanity
All of you posture on the world stage and promote more bloody insanity

So as you toast each other and drink glasses of blood red wine
Perhaps in your hypocrisy you don’t realise that you are, the “Gadarene Swine”
Fiends dressed in expensive suits, with “honourable” titles to your names
When you all should be in prison gear, and hanging your heads in shame...

Stephen J. Gray
April 16, 2018.


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