Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Children

Don’t separate children and parents is the “righteous” cry
While some of those saying this, drop bombs from the sky
Hypocrites criticizing hypocrites is a sight for all to see
As they slaughter many children in lands across the sea

Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Gaza and other places as well
Are drenched in blood, where the bodies of parents and their children fell
Other children still alive, drown in the Mediterranean Sea
Trying to escape the bloody horrors; trying to find serenity

Many children have lost their parents, killed by western wars
“Don’t separate the children, from parents,” say the war criminal whores
Dressed in suits and dresses with fancy titles to their names
You can see these villains daily on TV; they have no ethics or shame

If there really was a justice system these bandits would be arrested
Instead they posture on the world stage, and to their whims we are subjected
So-called “leaders” of the so-called “democratic” free world
Creators of hell on earth with their hypocrisy banners unfurled

“They want to help the children,” many of them all, posture and say
At the same time destroying the countries where the children used to play
Evil is masquerading, as doing good, while causing endless destruction
Our “leaders” and others need be arrested for what they have done to The Children

Stephen J. Gray
June 21, 2018.

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