Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Captured of Canada

The captured of Canada thought they were free
Their taxes were given away to countries across the sea
Others that were in trade unions and worker associations
Their compulsory dues were misused in non-work situations

Obviously their taxes and union dues are too high
When the peoples’ hard earned money is used as a supply
To fund all kinds of causes and political parties too
Are these money manipulators laughing at me and you?

People are losing their jobs some are living on the streets
They are financing those in power that could be called thieves
People are struggling to pay mortgages and their rent
And politicians and big union bosses are feeling content

They don’t have to worry about housing or money
The suckers are forced to pay for them: Is that not funny?
Would the Mafia would be proud of this collective system?
When compulsory taxes and forced union dues subvert freedom

Canada boasts it has a “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”
But, this is really B.S. when compulsion is in the system
“Freedom” is a word that pretends Canada is a “democracy”
But, the evidence proves, Canada is captured, and “freedom” is hypocrisy

Stephen J. Gray
July 10, 2019.

Links below show what is happening:

Groups, organizations and causes that have received union time and/or money.