Monday, July 29, 2019

Cross Country Speak Up

This week we are going country wide with an important question. As you know, we at the Collective Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) are funded by millions of dollars of your taxes; therefore, we thought it appropriate a question should be asked of a taxpayer in each of the provinces.

The question is as follows: “This country is a country of equality; therefore, should a man that says he is a woman have a genitalia wax job in a female-only business?  We will take answers from one taxpayer in each province, and in equality fairness, start the calls in alphabetical order by province.

Hello Doug in Alberta, what do you think?
Doug: I believe if he has a penis and testicles he is definitely a man. So I say no forced wax job by a female business worker; but perhaps he/she should get some help for wrong thinking. Perhaps he needs his brain waxed.
Hello Charlie in British Columbia, what do you say?
Charlie: I say if he is a man/feminist like the PM, then he is entitled to act out his fantasy. I don’t like to see anybody get a bum rap. Justice delayed is justice denied. He should-- oops, I mean, she should take her/his case to the Human Rights Commission for a verdict on this pressing and important matter. That will open up this whole ball of wax. Did I just wax eloquent?
Yes, you did Charlie, thanks for your pun and wisdom.

Hello Angus in Newfoundland and Labrador, it’s your turn.
Angus: I see this as a Charter challenge on equality. After all, the Charter says “everyone”; therefore, everyone, in my opinion, means everyone. Man or woman, boy or girl. I say, give the guy/girl his/her wax job and let us all come together in unity and brotherhood/sisterhood. I’m sure the unions would agree. They are big on “equality.” So let’s all sing “Solidarity Forever” for a waxing. And hey, it might even create some new jobs and new businesses and products, and it could be unionized.
Thank you Angus very well put.

Hello Nora in North West Territories, what’s your opinion?
Nora: I don’t believe a man can be a woman. You are either a he or a she. And no woman business owner should have to wax a man’s genitals. I think it is obscene and makes our country a laughing stock. Have we gone mad? Or are we already mad?

Hello Harry in Nova Scotia, what do you think?
Harry: I like that saying: “I think therefore I am” and I believe this person thinks he is a woman even though he has the gonads of a man. So, I think if he has a pair of nuts and a tool, then he is a man. Therefore, sorry, no wax job for him, unless someone volunteers.

Hello Ossie in Nunavut, what are your thoughts?
Ossie: I think the country is going nuts about a person’s nuts. What is going on in this country? People are struggling to make a living and put food on the table and this guy wants a wax job?! Could the cause of all this confusion be climate change? I know it’s happening here. I mean climate change, not wax jobs.

Hello Olive in Ontario, it’s your turn to speak.
Olive: We need a thoughtful climate change in this country that brings back sanity, decency and truth. The truth is this guy has a member and a pair of testicles, so he is a man according to bodily evidence. Enough said. I believe the country is going nuts. No pun intended.

Hello Francois in Quebec, any input for us?
Francois: This question makes me feel like separation would be a blessing. What is happening in this country when taxpayers’ monies finance Human Right Commissions to investigate a right to have a wax job?

Hello Bill in the Yukon, what do you say?
Bill: I think Francois was right on the mark.  There are more important things needing discussion in this country than whether this man/woman has a pecker or balls on his private parts.  A man is a man and a woman is a woman. Definitely no wax job unless ordered by a Supreme Court judge that says it is a right under the Charter.

Hello Sheila in Saskatchewan, you have the last word or words.
Sheila: If this gentleman has male genitalia he is a man. Still, I believe we should feel sorry for this confused and mixed up person. We live in a land that has lost its moral compass. When men and women can parade and march naked in the streets, and the parades are led by politicians and police, then is it any wonder bizarre things are claimed as a right. Children are told they can be a girl or boy, we murder people legally and call it assisted dying. We kill our young and call it a choice. I could go on and on with examples of a country that has become degenerate and depraved. It all starts at the top where perversion is enshrined in law and called a right by those in power.
I believe this waxing insanity should be an election issue, so that it can be debated across the land. So let’s have all the parties tell us their stand on wax jobs for men that claim to be women.  That’s all I have to say.

Moderator: Thank you all. I hope the country enjoyed your input on this delicate and important matter. That concludes our Cross Country Speak Up for this week.

Stephen J. Gray
July 29, 2019.

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