Monday, September 30, 2019

Is The Country Morally Corrupt?

Is the country morally corrupt in this present day?
Do the perverted and the degenerate hold sway?
Are the politicians cringing cowards and won’t take a stand?
Are filth and corruption acceptable in this once great land?

The rule of law has become the rule of the lawless
People march naked and obscenity seems flawless
Politicians and police lead these disgusting parades
And the depraved and the decadent the streets invade

The morally sick and sleazy dictate their evil wants
And the compliant media support all their debauched stunts
Propaganda is the forte of biased and twisted journalism
That makes one wonder: does their message sound like fascism?

The media bray their B.S. twenty four hours a day
And the brainwashed accept whatever they print and say
The government is handing over millions of taxpayers’ monies
So that the “media” can propagandize the lands dummies

NATO countries including ours are training terrorists in secret camps
And taxpayers millions are paying for these evil bloodthirsty scamps
The politicians are seeking election and this treachery is not even mentioned
All they care about is getting elected and being in winning contention

Billions and millions of the peoples’ tax dollars are being given away
By the ruling “Hottie” and his party who presently hold sway
Thousands are homeless and living in parks or on the streets
And illegal migrants are crossing our borders every day of the week

The country’s media have been bought and paid for from dusk to dawn
With $600 million of taxpayers money and the people just yawn
They even cheer and applaud this nonstop political crap, and don’t interrupt
Is this a sign of a country that is morally and ethically, corrupt?

Stephen J. Gray
September 30, 2019.

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