Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Canadian Election: The Media Comes Out...

The Canadian media has come out of their election closet
If a politician doesn’t march with pride, he is a target
They say he is opposed to the parades: where naked flesh abounds
He then can be called names by most of the noisy media hounds

It seems that to get acceptance of being a person of integrity
The media assumes not parading with vulgarity, is a sign of bigotry
The TV “news” reports the absence of this man’s political participation
Is support for naked and half naked bodies a must in this election nation?

Coloured crosswalks are also a must have, in this politically correct land
If they are refused, then some media write columns with a reprimand
Do some groups have power and special rights and privileges?
Does anyone that refuses them needs lots of backbone and courage?

Abortion is another issue that must be supported unconditionally
Otherwise the media could label anyone opposed, of behaving irrationally
“Freedom of choice” to kill the preborn child is declared a must
And any person opposing this atrocity is treated with some media disgust

Is it an undemocratic country when certain issues have to be supported?
And people with other views are criticized and there is some bias reported
Is truthful reporting now a sham and “news media” take credit?
Is this what happens when the biased media comes out of the election closet?

Stephen J. Gray
September 26, 2019.

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