Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Farcical Election

There is going to be a farcical election happening in October
An exercise in a pretend democracy, another useless endeavour
It matters not a whit, whatever party takes power and wins
We will be subjected to all their dictatorial doctrines and other whims

The more things change, the more they will remain the same
The establishment and its political puppets will still control the game
The people will still be lied too, and taxed, and taxed, and taxed
And if anybody believes otherwise, perhaps their intelligence lacks

The people only have one card in this game and are allowed to make an X
Next to a politician’s party and name, to whom they wish to be a subject
Once this is done, and they have participated in their “democratic” duty
They have agreed to accept whatever happens, and a party’s arbitrary authority

The “right honourable” and the “honourable” get those titles if they win
Whoever thought these titles up should be punished for their sins
In this so-called parliament where the “honourable” have their meetings
Some of these “honourable people” gave a “standing ovation” for killing

The ovation was for “a woman’s right to choose” to have her pre-born child killed
And the “parliamentarians” that participated were very happy and thrilled
What does that say about their ethics, principles, morals, and decency?
Have they no respect for innocent human life that is a boy or girl baby?

There is no law on abortion in this “civilized” and “democratic” land
And anyone trying to bring in such a law, could be refused in this homeland
An “honourable” parliamentarian reportedly said: “we’ll make sure that it doesn’t come into law”
Is innocent human life a threat, and does protecting life, stick in their craw?

Is this one sick and contaminated country that will not protect its young?
Where killing and death gets a “standing ovation,” something is seriously wrong
How can anybody with a conscience vote in this deadly demented nation?
To do so makes them participants in this baby killing and approval of a farcical election

Stephen J. Gray
September 1, 2019.

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