Friday, September 13, 2019

Election Bribery

The people are bribed with their own tax money
By politicians that are friendly, and “ways” that are “sunny”
Vote for me and my party, they smile and declare
The sound of their babbling B.S. is noisy, but, they care

They all support abortion, the killing of the pre-born child
Anybody proposing a law on this atrocity drives them wild
Their respect for innocent human life, is absolutely nil
They will say and do anything for the “right to choose to kill”

They are choosing forward together in the onward direction
You will find out what they mean if they win re-election
They are in it for you, so that you can get ahead
They are saving your world, some of these political retreads

Their aim is a seat in the big house of power and plenty
And if they achieve it, they will have a brand new identity
Some will go by the title, “right honourable” and “honourable”
They will be so happy, while you could be very miserable

It will now be open season on the voters for placing an X
They will now be the politicians’ serfs and taxing subjects
All the promises made in the happy electioneering days
Will now be in the dustbin of history: now it is time to pay

More taxes as usual will be levied on the masses once again
“We must reduce the deficit” the politicians will exclaim
“Once that is done there will be money to help you all
But, you will have to elect us again, to reduce the shortfall”

Once in the House they might be voting themselves a raise
A much needed increase for their work in the political marketplace
Their pensions will get a boost and their expenses and allowances too
Our tax dollars will be paying for it, because that’s what our taxes do

They know the people are all “happy to pay” for their “expertise”
After all, the serfs voted for them, to do as they please
They will thank everybody for their trust and giving them victory
Do the people realize, that election promises, are just, election bribery?

Stephen J. Gray
September 13, 2019.

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