Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Billions of Tax Dollars Given Away

Billions and millions of tax dollars are given away
Extorted from taxpayers who don’t have a say
Is this a country in the hands of a political fool?
Does nonsense and hypocrisy from his lips drool?

Billions are sent to countries overseas
To pay for their abortions: if you please!
What an obscene use of money to kill the pre-born
Is this, disgusting, sick, and definitely, a terrible wrong?

Millions of dollars are being handed to the unionized media
And corporate chieftains also, will get some of this tax monies utopia
The propaganda pushers will now have the peoples’ tax dollars to fund their “news”
And the “journalists” unions can spend more money, from forced union dues

Mandatory union dues, support and finance many non work issues
Now “$600 million” of taxpayers’ dollars could be also misused
Should there be a public inquiry into the dispersal of union dues?
This is the memberships monies and can be subjected to abuse

Millions of membership dollars have been given away over the years
To numerous organizations, and various parties; from union overseers
All this money given away comes from members compulsory union dues
Is this really “democratic” and do the union members get to freely choose?

Or are they just like all other taxpayers, prisoners of a system
Where money is forcibly taken from them: Is this freedom?
Has “democracy” been hijacked, when people have no say?
As a leader of a country gives billions and millions of taxpayers’ dollars away?

Stephen J. Gray
June 11, 2019.

Links of interest below:
Info below from an informative article in Financial Post, September 11, 2013.
“Unifor: Canada’s new political party — er, union”
Canadians should be concerned and Parliament needs to pass Bill C-377, which would establish standardized financial transparency requirements for unions under the Income Tax Act

“Taxpayers deserve to know how unions are spending their money
In doing so, it is important to remember that unions rely on the forced contributions of member and non-member workers in unionized workplaces for their revenue, and that they enjoy generous tax breaks. Therefore, engaging in politics, community activism, or other activities not linked to collective bargaining requires unions to operate in a transparent manner. Canadians and potential union members have a right to know how much money and time is spent on political activities or social causes versus collective bargaining....

“Bill C-377 would establish new reporting requirements for unions, including the amount of time spent on political activities and financial support for social causes. It will be back before Parliament in October. As the rhetoric coming from Unifor makes clear, this bill needs to be passed without amendment. Otherwise, a huge union larger than most political parties and with hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal will be exerting undue influence over our economy, political system and society without any transparency or accountability....”
Terrance Oakey is president of Merit Canada, which represents open shop construction associations.
[read full article at link below]