Thursday, June 20, 2019

The House of “Warriors”

There is another “warrior” in the House
The House has had many “warriors,” that wars gave a bounce in the polls
It appears that bombing, and killing is acceptable of innocent souls
Many countries are destroyed, and people are dead in many lands
This deadly action brings cheers, and sometimes marching bands

The masses applaud at sports games as aircraft fly past in honour
For those that obey their “warrior” masters, it’s great to be a destroyer
Many of those that invaded and obeyed are no longer here on earth
They died in illegal wars, while the “warriors” are fit to burst

The “warriors” boast of victory when really it is a bloody waste
Of soldiers and peoples lives, and killings of the human race
But hey, these “warriors” in business suits and dresses
Never have to pay the piper for their dirty evil excesses

The “warriors’ in this big house that is painted white
Have an addiction to bloody wars, but they do not fight
They send their brainwashed forces, marching to obey
“An order is an order,” these slaves of war and killing say

Will those that do the fighting ever refuse to take part?
And tell these “warrior” maniacs, “It’s your turn to march”
“We have had enough, of your B.S. and your freaking lies
Go fight yourself sir, let’s see you fight and die”

Now the latest enemy is the country of Iran
The “warriors” for some time, have had a evil plan
They feed off the carnage of death, destruction and killing
Will they organize another illegal, “coalition of the willing”?

All these “political warriors” need enemies and a country to prey on
They never do any of the fighting, should they be objects of our scorn?
War criminals and their allies, that like to parade their colours
They plan all the atrocities and: They operate from the House of “Warriors”

Stephen J. Gray
June 20, 2019.

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