Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Is Something Big?

Is something big going to happen or erupt?
Power appears to be in the hands of the mad and corrupt
The world stage is overloaded with idiots and fools
They are the decision makers that start wars and rule

Never have so many crackpots and warmongering thugs
Appeared, and proclaimed their “sick wisdom” amongst us
Some of them rule in so-called “democratic” lands
Others are dictators and despots and other brigands

“Respectable” gangsters with fancy titles to their names
They have no ethics, principles, morals or shame
They are the “leaders” that don’t fight in their planned wars
Their partners in their crimes have trillions in tax havens offshore

The profiteers and warmongers have slaughtered millions in illegal wars
Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen are some of their victims, galore
Now Iran appears to be the next victim, chosen for another criminal war
If it happens, there will be more victims, of our “leaders,” rotten to the core

There is no justice in this war criminal, and gangster ruled world of today
When countries can be destroyed, and war maniacs have their way
Will nuclear war be the final solution by warmongering prigs?
Because these insane “people” are capable of something very big

Stephen J. Gray
June 18, 2019.

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