Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The End

When the war criminals fallout, will the end come?
Will their use of horrific nuclear weapons blot out the sun?
Will raging fires and smoke cover the earth?
Will all the stock markets lose all their worth?

Is it all going to end with an enormous bang?
The final “work” of the ruling gangster gangs
Will offshore tax havens go up in smoke?
Will their bandit owners be devoid of hope?

Will some cower and cringe and think they are “safe”?
While hiding in their bunkers hoping to escape?
Will any that survive be thankful and anxious?
Will the villains in their bunkers still be thankless?

There will be no escape for the so-called “elites”?
Nobody will grovel anymore at their rotten feet
The burning earth will be all aflame
A fitting end to the rule of the corrupt insane

Sadly, innocent people will also die
The nuclear bombs will silence their cries
Armageddon arrives for one and all.
There is no escape from the Hell that befalls

Corruption and greed will be erased from the planet.
A fitting end for all those that caused it
Nuclear justice sent by their very own hand.
Ended the rule of the villains and the people in every land

Stephen J. Gray
November 7, 2017.