Sunday, November 12, 2017


Don’t join their armies or fight in their planned wars
Don’t obey the orders, of these mad and treacherous curs
Don’t listen or buy their propaganda that passes for “news”
Don’t buy their B.S. or their propagandized views                          

Don’t vote for politicians, they really are all the same
Don’t vote for “democracy,” it’s just a corrupt game
Don’t place an X in a ballot or next to any “nice” name
Don’t listen to their plans for you, they are just seeking fame

Don’t believe the politicians that support more wars
Don’t do their “fighting” as they hide from all the gore
Don’t listen to your mad rulers that run the political game
Don’t be one of the brainwashed obeying the insane

Don’t believe what they say when their lips are moving
Don’t cheer and wave a flag as your freedoms they are removing
Don’t applaud these “leaders” and “statesmen” hell bent on more war
Don’t cheer the corporate cannibals that profit from blood and gore

Stephen J. Gray
November 12, 2017.   

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