Saturday, June 29, 2019

The G20 in Japan

The gang of 20 arrived in Osaka, Japan
For two days of talks about their game plan
Dictators and despots are members of the gang
As are war criminals, child killers, and others with fangs

Representatives of “democracies” were there too
It has to be admitted this was a titled and “honourable crew”
They all have been described as a one big political “family”
Just like the Mafia, organized and protected, and also deadly

The “leaders” line up on stage for “the family” photograph
Waving, smiling, laughing, and it is all choreographed
The masses are expected to believe, it is all good
When many of these “leaders” act like gangsters and hoods

In some countries peoples’ organs are removed without consent
This is what is happening to the unsuspecting and innocent
But, when countries are ruled by those without morals
They can get away with all these horrific scandals

Some of them have, and are bombing various countries
Millions are dead because of their deadly effronteries
Yemen has been reduced to smoking rubble
And some G20 members caused all this trouble

Others have sold weapons and bombs to G20 members
Killing children in Yemen; their homes reduced to fiery embers
Hospitals and cities were also targeted in this bloody war crime
And these G20 “leaders” are having a wonderful luxurious time

Something is sick and rotten in this world today
When millions are killed in a number of ways
While those that are responsible, for many hellish decisions
Are protected, cosseted and treated with distinction

Will the time ever come when war criminals are arrested?
Or is “justice” just a word and criminality is accepted?
Are people everywhere expected to cheer and be a “fan”?
Of the war criminals, and murderers at the G20 in Japan

Stephen J. Gray
June 29, 2019.

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