Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Do the Immoral, Perverted, and Mentally Sick Have Power in this Country?

“There is nothing politically right that is morally wrong” Daniel O’Connell

I believe something is very wrong in this country when the RCMP takes sides on issues, when it is supposed to be impartial. I also believe the forces credibility is being damaged and that the majority of its members must be appalled about what is happening internally.

“For the first time ever, the Pride flag is hanging at the Surrey RCMP.
Members of the Surrey RCMP detachment raised the flag Monday to mark Pride month, while dozens of angry protesters and LGBTQ2 supporters gathered outside....
“Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald, officer in charge of the Surrey RCMP, said police acknowledged protesters and recognized it was important to have all voices heard on the matter. But he said raising the flag was about the RCMP’s commitment to ‘embrace inclusivity and diversity in the RCMP.’”
Simon Little, Global News.

This is disgusting in a National Police Force:
“Allegations of sexual touching, bullying investigated at police college run by RCMP”
Alison Crawford, CBC News · Posted: Feb 18, 2016 7:26 PM ET | Last Updated: February 18, 2016
“The RCMP is scrambling to contain the fallout from bungled internal investigations into allegations of unwanted sexual touching, bullying and rampant nudity in the workplace at the explosives training unit of the Canadian Police College in Ottawa....
“One of the officers suspended Wednesday is RCMP Staff Sgt. Bruno Solesme, who used to be the unit manager. Solesme had already been disciplined for nudity in the workplace, specifically one instance where he was seen lying naked across the desk of a colleague. He was suspended with pay for several months in 2014 before an internal adjudication board formally issued a reprimand and docked him seven days' pay....”

The article went on to state:
“Good friends, the two men were reportedly fond of not only posing completely nude on each other's desks in a purported effort to shock each other but also allegedly simulated oral sex in the office.

“All four former staff members told CBC about similar instances where Calandrini appeared naked in the corridors or announced he had just shaved his genitals before dumping the contents of his electric razor onto the table they all shared at mealtimes.” (emphasis added)

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Everything that once was normal, moral, and good
Has been replaced by the abnormal, immoral and lewd
The law has been perverted to “legitimize” the unnatural
And words “man” and “woman” are no longer factual

The children are taught that they can be a girl or a boy
And if anybody objects they are attacked and destroyed
The language is twisted and words are debased
Genders are now “fluid” in today’s human race

Marijuana is legalized as the country goes to pot
Weed edibles can eventually be sold and bought
Drug candies and cookies will be soon available to crunch
Here’s hoping the children don’t get them for lunch

People march naked and call this their “culture”
Obscenity is now accepted as a “lawful” gesture
The politicians and police take part in this lawbreaking farce
Giving credence to the words that “The law is an Ass”

The judges that sit on the court are declared “Supreme”
They “read in” what is “acceptable” even if it is obscene
Euthanasia is approved if you sign and are willing
The law has been perverted to allow this type of killing

The pre-born are also killed under the banner of “Choice”
And those that support this atrocity applaud and rejoice
The parliament of this country even gave a standing ovation
To those that support this hellish killing within their nation

Many of the professions are forced to take part in the killing
An edict has been approved, even though the decent are unwilling
This sick society wants everyone complicit in its evil acts
This is what is happening and that is a filthy, dirty fact

This is a nation that gives other countries billions of taxpayers’ cash
While thousands of its own homeless are digging in the trash
Many thousands attend food banks in search of food to eat
Is there something very wrong in this land of debauchery and deceit?

People from other countries are illegally crossing our border
Then they are housed in hotels by government order
Meanwhile, many citizens of this country sleep on the streets
No hotels for them, from the ruling government elites

Meanwhile “the media” promotes perversion and propaganda
They are to get “600 million” from the taxpayers’ monies “bonanza”
The so-called “free press” pays compulsory union dues
And now the journalists’ unions have more taxpayers’ money to use

Will the tax slaves of this land ever wake up?
And finally state and say “They have had enough”?
Or will this ruling insanity continue its crazy mad fling?
That destroys decency, morality and the good in everything

“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Stephen J. Gray
June 25, 2019.

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