Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Choice, Choice, Choice

They scream “choice,” “choice,” “choice,”
In loud, noisy and hysterical voices
Their chosen victims are the pre-born child
Any law to save this innocent drives them wild

In parliaments and other Houses of ill repute
The mostly cowardly politicians say: “choice” is absolute
There is no law to save the innocent pre-born
These tiny, helpless, human beings are treated with scorn

Cut to pieces, suctioned out, or poisoned by a saline solution
These little humans are called, “products of conception”
“Choice” words are used to hide this heinous crime
Truth is sabotaged by abominable “choice” signs

The media are supposed: “searchers for truth”
But, they censor the facts and lie very smooth
They will not show the brutalized bodies of the pre-born
Instead they parrot the word “choice” like morons

Some of these victims of abortion “choice” survive
And are left to die, even though they are still alive
Some cry, and cry, and cry, until death arrives
And their killers hide their hellish crimes and connive

Billions of dollars of taxpayers hard earned monies
Are handed over for repulsive “choice” killings
By a feckless feminist/man that is a disgrace to humanity
Who dishonours the reputation of a once ethical country?

Justice is corrupted, and “choice” language is used to justify
The attacks on these little innocents condemned to die
Put to death for being unwanted, they are diabolically destroyed
They are the helpless victims of the sick screamers of “choice”

Stephen J. Gray
June 5, 2019.

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