Friday, October 18, 2019

An Election in a Sham “Democracy”

There is an election soon in a sham “democracy”
In a land of political correctness and hypocrisy
Unelected judges “read in” words from their imagination
These are called “landmark decisions” in this dope nation

Elected politicians are dictated to by a judiciary supreme
These unelected former lawyers act like kings and queens
They decide and dictate some legislation that needs to be passed
Is the country now ruled by judges: Is the law a judicial ass?

Then the legislation is sent to unelected appointed senators
Who finally decide whether it’s okay, these unelected administrators
This is “democracy” in this politically correct and once great land?
Unelected judges and senators, dictate to the elected, isn’t that grand?

There are millions of union members in this “democratic country”
They are forced to pay compulsory union dues, is that not an effrontery?
The union chiefs use their members’ monies for all kinds of non work causes
This is a compulsory tax free money machine beloved of all the union bosses

The kids that go to universities and across this “democratic country”
Are forced to pay compulsory student union fees that are not voluntary
These compulsory fees are also used by the leaders of student unions
And this money just like trade union monies goes to all kinds of factions

And even if people are in all kinds of different workplace associations
They too are forced to toe the line in this politically correct nation
Their monies also have been used for many different causes
This is a country that has many compulsory undemocratic bullies

But hey, this is a land with a so-called, “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”
That ordinary people never got to vote on individually, or on its egotism
The country now has a document interpreted by unelected judicial supremacy
Now the country is having an election in a sham political “democracy”

Stephen J. Gray
October 18, 2019.

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