Saturday, October 26, 2019

Rules for Seeking Political Office in Canada

Rule 1: Must support “The Right to Choose” to kill the pre-born child, should this child be unwanted. Must not have had “anti-choice” views on abortion, at any time in one’s life, if you did have, said views, you must declare them immediately.

Rule 2: Must not have pro-life views on the abortion issue, must declare if you have pro-life views, that you will suppress them should you get elected to political office. Must also constantly say: “You will never allow abortion to be raised in Parliamentary discussions by anyone that is pro-life, or allow this issue on the floor of parliament

Rule 3: Must support “same-sex marriage” and must never have criticized it. Must say: “You will never use the not-withstanding clause in the land’s Charter on this type of marriage”

Rule 4: Must walk in “Pride parades” must never have refused to march in said parades. Also it would be helpful if one does participate in this parade, going naked would be acceptable. Mind you this is just a suggestion to show your solidarity.

Rule 5: Must allow your children to be taught mandated government sexual perversions in the schools. And must state you will protect and support these government policies.

Rule 6: Must support euthanasia and must ensure that the killing of the sick and elderly will always be available, and if need be, expanded to others in society, if there is a pressing need.

Rule 7: Must have these “mainstream values” above which are supported by most of the media and the establishment elites.

In conclusion these rules are constructed to make this land a happy place to live and work. Therefore, they must be obeyed by all who seek public office,

Stephen J. Gray
October 26, 2019.