Thursday, October 31, 2019

Canada is in a Media Frenzy

Canada’s media are in a frenzy, as is the establishment too
Their screams are heard daily. You ask: “What did Andrew Scheer do”?
Even though he said, “He is pro-life” and supported abortion as well
The media said he had a “hidden agenda” as far as they could tell

Those that know best, what is “good” for us, dictate “their morality” in this country
And for them that Scheer, would not march in a “pride parade” they declared this an effrontery
People have been naked in these parades where politicians and police march Mr. Scheer is absolutely correct, to decline: To walk with those baring their arse

Another issue raised constantly by this screaming and demented sick mob
Scheer is not firm in his support of “same-sex marriage” so, he must lose his job
A former short lived prime minister even raised her voice for “freedom of choice”
Yet, this “right honourable hypocrite” wants to deny Scheer to have his voice

With all the problems this country has: three issues are declared a must
“Same-sex marriage, abortion, and pride parades” are a priority first
Meanwhile, the country’s re-elected ruler gives billions of tax-dollars away
And the media and the establishment are silent on this, every passing day

The media and its owners get $600 million taxpayers dollars from the “sunny ways” man
Perhaps that’s why their bias is broadcast daily across this propagandized land
“What is happening to Canada”? Should be the question in a land gone three issues crazy
But, when those that dictate their agenda rule: Canada is in a media frenzy

...This is a nation that gives other countries billions of taxpayers’ cash
While thousands of its own homeless are digging in the trash
Many thousands attend food banks in search of food to eat
Is there something very wrong in this land of debauchery and deceit?...
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Stephen J. Gray
October 31, 2019.

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