Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Prisoners of “Democracy”

“The prisoners of the system thought they were free          
After all, they lived in a “democracy?”
Every few years they were allowed to vote
Then they got punished by the winning lot”...

The winning lot was whatever political party attained power after receiving the most votes from the obedient serfs. The serfs were constantly told “if you don’t vote you don’t have any say.” (And they believed it!) So many of them voted and exercised their “democratic right.” Then they found that after placing the big X on their ballot, things were still much the same, because it did not really matter what party was in power, the serfs still got punished.

Punishing the people was “democracy” at its “finest.” Taxes and evermore taxes were heaped upon the gullible masses that still believed they lived in a “democracy.” Anybody objecting was called a “dissident” and told, “you had a free election, now suck it up.”
The suckers had to suck it up because they had given the “ruling democratic tyranny” a licence to punish them and some had even cheered the winning party that was now putting the boots to them. Or as one bigwig, also known as a marketing specialist was rumoured to have said, “First you woo them, then once elected, you screw them.”

Screwing the masses was the forte of the political establishment. It did not really matter which political party was in power, or what name it went under, they all had one ruling instinct, tax, tax, and more taxes. These rapacious politicians had an endless appetite for taxes, and also an appetite for giving themselves huge raises, pension plans, expenses, and all kinds of entitlements. In fact one of them famously said, “He was entitled to his entitlements.” Public office was a path to more, and more largesse all paid for by the compulsory taxes of the masses that were the prisoners of “democracy.”

The “rulers of democracies” knew no restraints. They voted to wage illegal wars on a number of countries, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries as well. This was called “bringing democracy” and “responsibility to protect” and “fighting terrorism.”  These heinous hypocrites and their fancy titles” [1] were responsible for millions of deaths, millions of refugees, and countries reduced to rubble.

“We have to ask ourselves how it can be that the world’s worse criminals—people responsible for the death and displacement of millions of peoples—occupy high office...?” Paul Craig Roberts. The Unz Review, March 9, 2016.

Meanwhile, the political perpetrators of this colossal carnage continued to parrot political poop and appear on the world stage where they had formed themselves into political gangs, called the “Gang of 20 (G20.)” Some of whom were reportedly financing and arming the terrorists they were supposed to be fighting. [2]

I believe the system has become totally corrupted. The same people who parrot the words “rule of law” are according to numerous reports working hand in glove with terrorists. They even pass “laws” against terrorism, while at the same time consorting with terrorists. I guess “our hypocrite leaders” are above the law? Therefore, I ask, “Has the System Become Corrupted?” [3]

Based on voluminous evidence, I believe the money system for sure has been corrupted as has the war system too. People are taxed and taxed again to bailout the depredations of the financial banditry, and also to fund the bloody carnage of the war criminals in positions of power. This could be called, “The Open Criminality of the Establishment and its Political Puppets” [4]

In closing I believe what we are seeing in our political “democracies’ is a lack of ethics, principles, justice, and morality. The quote below says it all:

“There is nothing politically right that is morally wrong” Daniel O’Connell

Stephen J. Gray
July 13, 2017.


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