Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Would Be Dictator

There is a would be dictator that mocks people who believe
He thinks that he can impose his doctrine, if you please
He criticizes those that care, and protect human life
He is creating and causing all kinds of strife

He thinks because he has a fancy title to his name
He thinks that he can force people to accept his shame
He walks in parades where people have been known to be nude
Is he is trying to destroy all that is moral and good?

He is twisting and subverting the rule of law and justice
He thinks that his cowardice and intolerance can be trusted
He and his followers are a danger to decency and freedom
He is sadly lacking in ethics, principles, and wisdom

He is a drama queen performing on the world stage
He is a feminist/man, a product of the present mad age
He is out of his depth, and a foolish performing actor
He has also become bigoted and a would be dictator

Stephen J. Gray
January 20, 2018.