Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Satirical Postcard from Davos

Hello out there to all our friends around the world: The homeless, the refugees, the victims of our wars, the unemployed, those that are mortgage-challenged, the food stamp recipients, and many others. If I missed mentioning some of you unfortunates and dispossessed, it is because there are so many of you trying to make ends meet, but never mind you are all included in our thoughts and prayers as we participate in our annual gathering that costs thousands of dollars to attend. I believe “$76,000” and “US$245,000 were numbers published. Anyway, what’s a few bucks when taxpayers can pick up the tab for some of us and our entourages.

The weather here in beautiful Davos is very snowy; we just had another large dump arrive. I mean snow, not our members. Ha, Ha. Just a snowy joke.  We are very comfortable here amongst our blood brothers; oops, I mean brethren.  Political leaders are here, sniffing around and grovelling gracefully, perhaps looking for a place on a corporate board when they get kicked out of politics, as someday they will. Others in attendance are the bankers, corporate chieftains, head hunters and head choppers, tax haven users, money launderers and some that have even been called “war criminals and financiers of terrorism.” Did I miss any of our esteemed participants? I certainly hope not. Anyway, we are a non judgmental club and we rub shoulders and converse and work with all. No discrimination is allowed.

We are trying to heal the "fractured society" and we are bent on "improving the state of the world."  I know there are cynics out there that say, “A number of us looted the system, then were bailed out with taxpayers dollars.” But hey, this how the capitalist and free enterprise system works.  None of us can go to jail for malfeasance; we are needed to run the system, otherwise you would have socialism.

There are lots of speeches and lots of applause for the speakers here, though some cynics say we are in a cocoon of comfortable conviction. That may be; but hey, if you cannot B.S. with your friends, who can you B.S. with? One speaker has been called a political “hottie” and a “rock star.” He is all of that and more, has excellent sunny credentials, and calls himself a “feminist.” He is a gender bender, oops, I mean big on, “gender equality"--although I have not heard him mention the “gender equality” of the female, pre-born child. But hey, he is consistent on that, he believes in the “choice” for people to kill the child in the womb. In fact, he is so emphatic on killing by “choice” that he will not allow anyone to run for office in his party that are pro-life. Now there is a feminist/man with convictions and a believer in democracy and diversity; one of our new leaders of today.

On another issue, he, along with some other political leaders, has signed on to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which we globalists have been pushing for years. It could mean loss of national sovereignty for their countries; some people believe they have put globalism before patriotism. Anyway, they are now esteemed members of our Globalist New World Order.

 In closing, I just wanted you all to know how things are going here. The food is excellent; the wine is terrific; the entertainment could not be better, and we are all having a wonderful time, including those paid for by your tax dollars. So keep working hard, if you have jobs, and keep voting for your political leaders, because you don’t have any say if you don’t vote. Ha, Ha. As if you did anyway!

Cheers to all living at home--if you have one.

A happy devotee of Davos.

Stephen J. Gray
January 25, 2018.