Friday, February 9, 2018

The Parade We Really Need

The parade we really need should have past and present world “leaders”
They should be dressed in orange prison issue jumpsuits because war criminal trials are needed
They should be shackled hands and feet, no more expensive dresses or suits for them
I am sure all of their victims still alive, would say to that: “Amen”

The parade should also include the bloody profiteers of death and destruction
The bankers, financiers, the corporate cannibals too, that profit from all the hellish productions
The drone operators should also be included they have killed children as well
These nine to five armchair operators that obey their satanic orders from hell

The torturers and spy chiefs should also have their “pride of place”
They are willing participants on what happens to the human race
There also must be a place for all the “honourable” politicians
Then as they walk the line, the watchers can shout their derision

There should be giant screens showing all the refugee camps
The “work” of the parade participants now in metal clamps
The victims still alive of all the illegal wars, hopefully should get some satisfaction
As they see the marching villains, ridiculed and heckled for all their diabolical actions

The brainwashed that carry out orders, should be ordered to take part
Without them obeying their instructions, many wars would not start
Countries would still be whole, and not reduced to smoking rubble
If only the willing participants had refused to create all this hellish trouble

If I have failed to mention, some that should be there
Hopefully they will be rounded up to show that we all “care”
This parade should be one of remembrance for all of those that died and bleed
So in my opinion here and now this is a parade we really need

Stephen J. Gray
February 9, 2018.

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