Monday, December 18, 2017

Canada’s Charter Disaster

The disaster visited upon Canada by the imposition of the so-called “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” has seen the country descend into a judicial dictatorship. The man responsible for the Charter was former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

“Trudeau’s crime against democracy was monstrous….First, neither he nor any other of the first ministers had any mandate from the electorate to embark on constitutional reform.” [2] Joe C.W. Armstrong

“In fact the Charter was a ruse. [Pierre] Trudeau wanted to consolidate power in the Supreme Court of Canada and weaken Parliament.”  In so doing he altered the legal structure of the country from a constitutional monarchy to an oligarchy in one fell swoop.”
Joe C.W. Armstrong, in his book “Farewell the Peaceful Kingdom” page 75.

I believe Canada is now suffering from the adverse effects of this Charter, and that it has created symptoms that could be called “mind disease.” This, I believe, has resulted in abnormal decisions coming from the highest court in the land. These decisions have also affected the minds of the politicians, most of the media and others in the country, who now accept whatever is described as a “right” under the Charter. I believe this has been done by perverting the law and the language.

The word-manipulating media elites trumpet and propagandize that the “people love the charter.” The politicians pompously tell everyone “how great” the charter is, and that no one will be able to “cherry pick rights” from it. The judges say it is a “living tree” and the people have to live with the rotten fruit it produces.

Then from the “living tree” come the great new “rights” found in the charter.
An abortionist who consistently broke the law was finally given clearance to ply his abominable trade of killing the child in the womb, after a majority of judges struck down the abortion law. Now the country has no law on abortion and the killing of the innocents is declared a “choice.”

Another judge declares that anyone arriving on the shores of the country, be they criminals, terrorists, drug dealers or whatever, have “rights” under the charter.

Another judge states that criminals are “morally worthy” to vote.

Another “learned” judge has a hallucination and “reads in” words not written in the Charter.

A judicial threesome then “discovers” a “right” in the Charter that men can “marry” men and that women can “marry” women. The politicians then tell the people that under the charter “same-sex marriage” is a “right.” Of course this nonsense was never in the Charter, but what’s a big lie amongst the elites.

The harm being done to this country by charter-happy, non-elected judges is a disgrace. But what is even worse is that politicians of all political stripes have allowed this descent into filth and corruption to become “legitimized.” None of these so-called “representatives” of the people have the courage or principles to use the not-withstanding clause of the Charter to restore decency and sanity. They are political sheep, and like sheep they have allowed these judicial shepherds to herd them into the charter stable, and so they wallow in the muck of the courts....

“… the Supreme Court of Canada was handed the ultimate power of determining the most fundamental rights of the country as the Charter outlined them. The loss of freedoms to Canadian society was beyond measure, equivalent only to military conquest.”
-Joe C.W. Armstrong, in his book “Farewell the Peaceful Kingdom” page 206.

Now the latest “imperial ruling” from our unelected judicial dictators is that the government bring in a law to “legalize” killing. The cowardly politicians scurried to obey their judicial masters and set up a committee on physician-assisted dying which released a majority report.

Journalist Thomas Walkom with the Toronto Star reported on February 28, 2016 that “The nub of the report is a recommendation that would amend the Criminal Code to let physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and pharmacists — under special circumstances — kill people.

“Those being killed would be required, in writing if possible, to request their own deaths.” Source:

A country that proposes killing as a solution is surely degrading itself and destroying any morals and ethics it might have. Once “legalized killing” starts, it could advance into all parts of society: killing for peoples’ organs; killing for inheritances; killing of the unwanted; killing of “useless eaters” and on and on this compulsory evil could progress

Unfettered judicial power now dictates to “democracy.” The politicians say “The Charter is supreme and the Supreme Court has ruled,” yet parliament is supposed to be supreme as it gains its authority from the people through elections. Which raises the question, “If parliament is no longer supreme, why bother having elections?” Games are being played with “democracy” and the people are the pawns in the political and judicial games.

What will it take before the people are pushed to their limits? Even a worm will turn eventually. What will be the catalyst that turns disgust into action? Every action has a reaction as the saying goes. What will the reaction be when a civilized society finally realizes democracy no longer exists?

“Despotic power is always accompanied by corruption of morality.” Lord Acton

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”  Dante Alighieri

Stephen J. Gray
December 18, 2017.

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