Sunday, December 31, 2017

Will The Final War Begin During 2018?

“War is madness” – Pope Francis
Will the final war begin during 2018?
Will the maniacs of militarism die at the scene?
Will the planet be a raging nuclear fire; and a pyre of death?
Will any still living be drawing their last breath?

Will the crazed war “leaders” hiding in their bunkers
Will they cry and scream as the earth is torn asunder?
Will they regret their plans for more and more war?
Will they eventually be gone forever more?

Will the war criminals finally get their due?
Will they ultimately be eliminated too?
Will all the financiers of death and destruction
Will all their fortunes go into extinction?

Will the elites wealth in offshore tax-havens?
Will it be destroyed in the war culmination?
Will all their monies go up in fire and smoke?
Will they be in terrible despair as they croak?         

Will the makers and buyers of hellish weapons
Will they wish they were not present?
Will they realise what they didn’t know
Will they understand now; that, “you reap what you sow”?

Will all the armies of the earth perish too?
Will “peace” at last, be here, if only they knew?
Will all the generals and their medals now be gone?
Will a nuclear holocaust bring Armageddon?

Will the brainwashed “warriors” refuse orders to obey?
Will it dawn on them there will be no medals today?
Will they realize their killing and bombing days are over?
Will they understand they have nowhere left to run for cover?

Will “global warming” have finally arrived?
Will “nuclear winter” descend from the skies?
Will “climate change” be here at last?
Will it be ushered in with a great big final blast?

Will the ‘Great Satan’ finally get his “reward”?
Will he be defeated by Jesus Our Lord?
Will the innocent and good be taken to Heaven?
Will the evil doers into Hell be driven?         

Will the satanic warmongering mad rulers of this world
Will all of them be extinguished and killed?
Will this planet be a desolate horrific scene?
Will the final war begin during 2018?

“May God in His mercy lead us through these times; but above all, may He lead us to Himself”   Dietrich Bonhoeffer

 Stephen J. Gray
December 31, 2017.

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