Monday, February 17, 2020

The Body of Evil

The body of evil has many connections:

The connectivity of evil can be seen in action
Today’s war criminals are not just a small faction
They are responsible not only for bloody illegal wars
But, for many other sick perversions, and evil discourse

In some countries they have “legalized” murder by euthanasia
Now, just like Nazi Germany politicians approve this type of death culture
In many countries they kill their young by calling the act; abortion
Using the words “freedom of choice,” to hide this deadly perversion...

“Normalizing” perversion leads to perverts getting into power:

When perverts get power filth starts to flower
The abnormal becomes “normal” and starts to overpower
The ruling class succumbs and supports all perversions
These dirt-bags of “democracy” have no aversion

Every day brings more and more political and judicial pollution
All that was once decent and moral has become a persecution
Filth reigns supreme in many perverted lands
And speaking of morality can get one severely panned

The promoters of degradation and debauchery too
Are in the driving seats of these dung driven coups
The Houses of power are now Houses of ill repute
And cowardice and corruption can be found to suit...

Corruption becomes “legitimized” and “acceptable” too:

So much corruption, so many people dead
So many wars, so many lies we are fed
So many war criminals in positions of power
So many countries, these villains destroyed and devoured

Bombing and killing using taxpayers’ dollars
So many helpers obeying these lying horrors
Carrying out their orders in servile obedience
So much stupidity from blind allegiance...

Allegiance to criminals and obeying their orders leads to complicity and hypocrisy:

Don’t separate children and parents is the “righteous” cry
While some of those saying this, drop bombs from the sky
Hypocrites criticizing hypocrites is a sight for all to see
As they slaughter many children in lands across the sea

Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Gaza and other places as well
Are drenched in blood, where the bodies of parents and their children fell
Other children still alive, drown in the Mediterranean Sea
Trying to escape the bloody horrors; trying to find serenity

Many children have lost their parents, killed by western wars
“Don’t separate the children, from parents,” say the war criminal whores
Dressed in suits and dresses with fancy titles to their names
You can see these villains daily on TV; they have no ethics or shame...

Instead depravity rules:

When depravity rules a country then it is in a bad way                             
And the perverted and the degenerate get to hold sway
The political class are responsible for what happens to the land                                   
And filth and corruption are acceptable because of “their stand”...

Cowards in power do not take a stand for truth:

Are cowards and crackpots in positions of power?
Are they the people that allow lies to flower?
Persons can be fired for stating the truth
That the words man and woman are a truthful use...

Will nobody in power take a truthful and courageous stand?
And say: “We will not allow any misfits to control this land”
Instead they cringe and cower: this politically correct lot
Are some countries ruled by cowards and crackpots?

Stephen J. Gray
February 17, 2020.

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