Thursday, February 13, 2020

What’s happening in the Land?

What’s happening in the Land, these fine days?
Are things going “good” in the land of “sunny ways”?
Roads are being blocked and some people can’t get to work
Ambulances going to hospital do a detour, and get there with luck

Railway lines are shut down, and trains are not running
Goods for other parts of the country, and export are not moving
Placards are everywhere in the hands of some protesters
Slogans are written on them by these unhappy dissenters

There is call for “rule of law” to be enacted immediately
But, some say this is “democracy at work” and this is all friendly
Meanwhile, the man in charge of this “sunny ways” Land
Is off somewhere in Africa visiting various places in the sand

He did send best regards and said he is, “encouraging dialogue”
As railway lines, roads and other places, are being blocked
That was really nice of him to speak to the Land from afar
Here’s hoping he gets his “U.N Seat”, because he is a “hottie” and a “star”

Even though some say “chaos” is happening and these are “illegal protests and blockades”
Others say it is their “right” to protest and man the barricades
They say they are protecting the earth and taking a brave stand
This rhyme is just some info on: What’s happening in the Land?

Stephen J. Gray
February 13, 2020.

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