Saturday, February 29, 2020


Are people aware of what is happening ?
Do they care about all the killing and suffering? 
Illegal wars are waged on a number of countries 
By war criminals and their brainwashed armies 

Are people aware that millions are being slaughtered ?
By abortionists killing these innocent unwanted 
Some are born alive, but are left unattended to die 
Society does not care or want to hear their cry 

Are people aware that Euthanasia has arrived again ?
Once it was only Nazi Germany’s crime and shame 
Now it has been “legalized” in some unethical lands 
And is being done by government imposed commands 

Are people aware that millions are dead in illegal wars ?
Perpetrated by unfeeling and warmongering whores 
If there was “justice” these so-called “leaders” would be arrested 
But instead, they are free and corruptly protected 

Are people aware that by accepting these crimes as “normal” ?
That society has become perverted and bloody terrible 
Do they not see that these atrocious acts are infamous? 
Or have they become immoral and blindly oblivious ?

Stephen J. Gray 
February 29. 2020. 

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