Tuesday, December 17, 2019

So Much Corruption...

So much corruption, so many people dead
So many wars, so many lies we are fed
So many war criminals in positions of power
So many countries, these villains destroyed and devoured

Bombing and killing using taxpayers’ dollars
So many helpers obeying these lying horrors
Carrying out their orders in servile obedience
So much stupidity from blind allegiance

War dressed, war slaves, and addicted to orders
Brainwashed and billeted, they are war fodder
They don’t realize they are being used and abused
It would have saved lives, if only they had refused

Instead they participated in the illegal wars that were planned
Now there are many victims, and blood on the hot desert sands
They fired missiles on orders, and dropped bombs on peoples homes
Now there is destruction and death, and corpses, and bloody bones

Many soldiers would still be alive, and their victims would be too
If only they had refused to serve in the war criminals crew
Now millions are dead in many countries, that no longer function
All because of war gangsters in power, and so much criminal corruption

Stephen J. Gray
December 17, 2019.

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