Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The War Criminals New Billion Dollar War Palace In Brussels: Paid for by the Serfs Tax Dollars.

“NATO is not only rolling out the red carpet for President [Trump] in Brussels Thursday, the military alliance – which Mr. Trump once declared obsolete – has been busy repackaging its image and is ready to unveil a new headquarters worth more than 1 billion euros....
“An anti-terror coordinator may also be named, but most changes will be cosmetic, as NATO allies have no intention of going to war against IS.”
 Lorne Cook ,Associated Press, May 24, 2017, Brussels.

The statement that “NATO allies have no intention of going to war against IS,” is not surprising, considering the fact that “NATO allies” have been financing, training and arming terrorist groups, including IS.

“NATO is harbouring the Islamic State” by Nafeez Ahmed. Nov. 19, 2015.

The Islamic State and its “NATO allies” according to various sources of information are in collusion with each other and are responsible for crimes against humanity. See article:
“The War Gangs and War Criminals of NATO to Meet in Brussels,” for much more information on this deadly partnership.

This huge bloody NATO war machine is financed by taxpayers’ dollars from various countries. Its warmongering gangs (past and present) are responsible for millions of deaths and millions of refugees. Yet, this murderous gang of war criminals meets in Brussels in luxurious surroundings, (Paid for with Taxpayers dollars) protected and cosseted, when instead they should be arrested and put on trial for crimes against humanity. Therefore, I ask: “Who Will Arrest The War Criminals? Or Has Justice Been Subverted?”

Based on the evidence available, I believe not only has justice been subverted, but perverted as well. NATO and its treacherous “allies” are literally getting away with murder, as the saying goes, and taxpayers everywhere are paying huge amounts of “Blood Money” so that this war beast can continue feeding.

“More blood money is needed to feed the NATO war beast
A bloody ravenous monster that on bodies does feast
It is hungry for more and more endless wars
And all the destruction, devastation and hellish gore

The serfs support the beast with their compulsory taxes
And their monies help reduce countries to ashes
Bombing and blitzing and setting the world on fire
Participators in atrocities and numerous funeral pyres”...

Profiting from all the blood shed that accumulates from the torn and shattered bodies of the victims, are the corporate cannibals who park their bloody filthy lucre in offshore tax havens. There are no havens for the victims still alive, who are casualties of the fiendish weapons sold and manufactured for the atrocities of wars, planned and plotted by this hellish gang who do not fight. They are criminals from hell with fancy titles. Some are addressed as, “honourable” which goes to show how depraved and degenerate the system has become, when well dressed villains are given the title “honourable” for creating war infernos in various nations. These conflagrations of corruption are spreading rapidly and the flames cannot be doused, because these evil firebugs of war add fuel to the fires, by funding and helping both sides in the wars they have created. The infernos could burn for years, courtesy of fire starting “leaders.”

Therefore the question must be asked:
“Should the Past and Present Leaders of a Number of Countries Be Charged With Conspiracy, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Funding, Training and Arming Terrorists?” (See extensive evidence of their crimes at link below)

In closing I believe the May 25th 2017 meeting in Brussels by NATO, and its treasonous and treacherous “allies” in its new billion dollar taxpayer funded headquarters, is an insult to sanity and decency. I also believe if there was a functioning justice system this whole gang of war criminals would be arrested. Instead, they will be praised and coddled, and a compliant corporate media will continue to cover up the war crimes and treachery of the past and present “leaders” in power that should be on trial for crimes against humanity.

“Arrest the warmongering “leaders” who create havoc around the world
Authorizing bombings and killings these “leaders” should be reviled
Instead we give them fancy titles and homes to park their asses
Will there ever be a day of reckoning and a rise up of the masses?”...

Stephen J. Gray
May 24, 2017.

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