Monday, May 15, 2017

More Blood Money is Needed for NATO

More blood money is needed to feed the NATO war beast
A bloody ravenous monster that on bodies does feast
It is hungry for more and more endless wars
And all the destruction, devastation and hellish gore

The serfs support the beast with their compulsory taxes
And their monies help reduce countries to ashes
Bombing and blitzing and setting the world on fire
Participators in atrocities and numerous funeral pyres

Medals are handed out for “bravery” in destroying and killing
By those in charge of the “coalition of the willing”
Partnering with terrorists they are supposed to be fighting
Hypocrites from hell, and in carnage, delighting

More and more weapons are needed they exclaim
Are these the words of the fiendishly insane?
“Coming right up boys” say the politicians that don’t fight
Safe in their luxury homes, and feeling “quite bright”

Perhaps if the politicians were sent to the front lines
And had to participate in hellish wars and its crimes
Would they be so eager to vote for and support military action?
If they had to fight and die and be part of a fighting faction

Don’t be silly, you can’t expect politicians to fight!
They have to spread B.S. and everything that’s trite
After all, they are in power and are “honourably” feted
Now you know why more NATO blood money is needed

Stephen J. Gray
May 15, 2017

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