Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Donald Takes a Trip

On his plane he flies to sunny Saudi Arabia
To see his Saudi “friends” is that his mania?
They will buy his “beautiful weapons”
That support, “many” terrorist actions

The Saudis are one of his and our “allies”
We help them bomb from Yemen’s skies
They are part of our battle “coalition”
That has created famine, killing and other additions

He even did a sword dance with the head chopping Sheiks
“Wonderful people” that don’t allow security leaks
He is right at home with despots and dictators
Though cynics might say, he keeps company with alligators

He made a speech that was well received
Those “wonderful leaders” in him believe
It is so gratifying for him to be in such company
They have so much, and lots of lovely money

Their money will help him create lots of jobs
 And profits for the war industries bloodstained mobs
Is there anything sweeter than a “nice” new war?
Or sending “lovely missiles” to targets offshore?

He told his great “friends” that Iran was a big, big problem
And that perhaps together they might create warring bedlam
A big war under his command, would be just so-ooo fine
Man he respects and loves those bloody rich “pals,” and their “dime”

Stephen J. Gray
May 21, 2017.

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