Sunday, December 15, 2019

Andrew Scheer: Persecuted By Some in His Own Party and Mauled by the Media

The word turds spread their feces and filth across the land
The stink of their propaganda turns truth into a wasteland
Twenty four hours a day they propagate their disgusting crap
And anyone that gets in their way they deliberately tear apart...

Assassinating the character of anyone they don’t like
Their platforms of hate are used to destroy and incite
Working in partnership with other treacherous political dirt-bags
These are today’s subsidized sleazy swill producing scumbags...

Ever since the federal election was over, there has been, and still is, a frenzy of hate directed against Andrew Scheer. What did he do? He won more seats for his party and won the popular vote. Even the “great leader ” Stephen Harper did not manage to do this, in his first federal election. Now the latest attack on Scheer is, that some of his kids, education was paid for by party funds. Most of the media have had false headlines on this, despite the fact, some bigwigs in the conservative party signed off on it. Now Stephen Harper is reportedly “furious.” Really!

“Harper is furious over the party paying for part of the school fees for Scheer’s kids. It’s something that senior party members, including Gerstein, signed off on, but it’s Van Vugt who is paying the price....

“Yet when Harper was leader, he put a makeup artist and psychic on the party payroll after controversy erupted that the public had been paying the fees for Harper’s own makeover. How the man who had his own stylist on the public and then party payroll can be so upset at Scheer is beyond me.” Brian Lilley, December 13, 2019.

Still, there are other unelected “conservatives” that are “upset” at Scheer:

“...Stephen Harper’s former communications director Kory Teneycke and two other longtime Conservative operatives have created a new non-profit campaign to mobilize public support to oust Scheer from leadership.” Sarah Turnbull, November 28,2019.

One would think that “investigative journalists” would be asking hard questions of these “backstabbing and “front stabbing” so-called “conservatives.” By asking them, “Most of you men and women are not even elected by the people. So what is your agenda”? But hey, while Trudeau’s liberal media feed off taxpayers’ dollars, they appear to be buddy, buddy, with the Red Tories/ Conservatives. Who could pass for Liberals, as they seem similar in what they stand for, in fact, I believe they could be clones of each other

Andrew Scheer and his family, I believe have been, and still are, a target and a victim of anti-catholic bigotry.

Now they are assaulting Scheer’s Catholic religion
They want him to confess what is a “sin” in his opinion?
These hypocrite media and their biased catholic hate
Would not dare attack any other religion to alienate...

Same sex marriage is one of their issues
And killing by abortion is another of their “values”
Pride parades is another media declared must
If Scheer won’t march they create a fuss...

In closing I believe over the last number of weeks the people in this country have witnessed, an appalling frenzy of hate, directed against a man, and indirectly against his family. To see this sick scum on T.V., and writing their columns of crap, is to see propaganda and bigotry in action. But, what is even worse this daily delivery of dung is by a so-called “free press” funded by our tax dollars.

Bailing out the media with taxpayers dollars
“$600” million to subsidize the propaganda horrors
Has the Trudeau government bought the “free press”?
Will the media recipients obviously the truth suppress?...

And surely the final insult to this man and his family was those in the so called “conservative” party that stabbed, and continue to stab him in the back. Even though he has now resigned. Ugh! What a dirty, disgraceful, bunch of hypocrites.

“At a post-election panel discussion on Wednesday, MacKay said that Scheer’s social conservative views were a ‘stinking albatross’...”

Stephen J. Gray
December 15, 2019.