Thursday, December 12, 2019

Lying to Kill

They lie to kill in their games of war
They feed off killing and blood and gore
Reducing countries to heaps of smoking rubble
Millions are dead because of these hellish devils

Partnering with terrorists they claim to be fighting
Treacherous bandits that planned all the inciting
Training and financing both sides in their battles
While innocent people are murdered like helpless cattle

Refugees are in the millions, fleeing from the carnage
And the hell created by the war criminals damage
Many are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea
Victims of the people that ruled, and rule, you and me

These villains even have “fly pasts” to celebrate their “victory”
In “honour” of killing, and all their diabolical treachery
If there was justice they would all be in secure jails
But this will not happen because law and order has failed

The perpetrators get medals for their atrocious acts
Some get their countries highest honour that is a fact
One vicious villain even got a Nobel “peace prize”
For thousands of bombings and slaughter from the skies

Others are called “right honourable” and “honourable” as well
Hypocrites, liars, child killers, and war criminals from hell
You can see some of them posturing and parading on the world stage
Gossiping and protected while their sycophants pay them homage

Such is the sick and evil state of this world today
When the past and present ruling criminals are free to prey
They continue to go unpunished while justice sits still
These dealers in death among us: are adept at lying to kill

Stephen J. Gray
December 12, 2019.