Sunday, December 1, 2019

Harridans and Hypocrites

Bailing out the media with taxpayers dollars
“$600” million to subsidize the propaganda horrors
Has the Trudeau government bought the “free press”?
Will the media recipients obviously the truth suppress?

Harridans and hypocrites are yelling, and their screams fill the air
A political leader won’t resign, and they squeal: “It’s not fair”
The biased bigoted media are helping this frenzied hate filled gang
That are plotting and planning and exposing their deadly fangs

They are political has-beens from another political era
That was ruled by a “coward” who was slippery and “clever”
A pretend “conservative” who ruled and acted like a liberal
Now his leftover losers are evil and vociferous, and viciously verbal

Their Trudeau media allies are enablers of these political quislings
And air these wastrels’ words, their squeals, and propaganda writings
They encourage and assist these unelected and anti-democratic hypocrites
A rabble of reprobates, that cannot be trusted, most of them political misfits

The person they attack must conform to their ever increasing wants
And the bigoted mass media help them with their dirty twisted taunts
Meanwhile, the country is ruled by a feminist/man giving away our tax dollars
To other countries, the media, and numerous other parasitic horrors

This perverted political game is played out in newspapers and on TV
And the malicious media, and its sniggering scrum bums are cheering with glee
This is a land in the grip of propaganda “presstitutes” of national affairs
And the harridans, and hysterical hypocrites, their screams fill the air.

Meanwhile: There is reported evidence of a national scandal
Perpetrated by a gang of powerful vandals
Taxpayers’ money is reportedly being used to train deadly terrorists
By NATO members of whom we are part of its military activists

These diabolical actions are not even mentioned
By any of the politicians in the Canadian election
The “investigative media” have covered up this abominable treachery
And the government gives the media “$600 million” of taxpayers’ currency...

Stephen J. Gray
December 1, 2019.

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