Saturday, November 30, 2019

Stay the Course Andrew Scheer

Stay the course Andrew Scheer
You were elected that is clear
Pay no attention to the treacherous scum
That are trying to undermine what you won

You gained more seats and won the popular vote
Yet, these unelected dirt-bags are trying to cut your throat
Even though, I never voted for you or your party
I support your stand, in favour of democracy

This undemocratic gang of former political has beens
Along with the Trudeau media, are trying to demean
Your character, your free speech, and your free expression
So don’t give in to these backstabbers with any concessions

Keep on facing down these political cringing cowards
They are getting media attention every day and hour
Tell them in no uncertain words and forceful language
They are undermining democracy and causing damage

They are showing their true colours, which is betrayal and dirty tricks
Thinking people can see through their disgusting ongoing antics
They are an affront to human decency and all that democracy holds dear
So, carry on fighting this gang and: “Stay the course Andrew Scheer”

Meanwhile: The country has become a cesspool and a danger to health
It is ruled by a fool who is giving away its taxpayers wealth
Billions of dollars are given away to countries overseas
While thousands of its own people are living on the streets...

Stephen J. Gray
November 30, 2019.

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