Saturday, November 2, 2019

Is The Conservative Party a Liberal Clone?

Is the Conservative Party a Liberal clone?
Because on moral issues their ethics seem gone
Both these parties and others, support killing by “choice”
The innocent pre-born have no political voice                                 

On “same-sex marriage,” both parties are supporters
Were, those words invented by language distorters?
Both parties are promoters of parades of pride
Where some people walk naked with nothing to hide

Euthanasia is approved, by both these political parties
Killing is now “legal,” when once it was a crime, and filthy
But when a country has no ethics, morals or principles
Evil gets to rule, and lawlessness becomes invincible

Will the people of this land ever wake up, and say: “Enough”?                      
Or is the country too far gone in all this kind of stuff?
Are they content with watching sports and playing with cell phones?
Are they naïve, that the Conservatives are really Liberal clones?

“The Conservatives have made themselves electable by making themselves indistinguishable from the Liberals.(Columnist Richard Gwyn, Toronto Star, 22 March, 2005.)

Stephen J. Gray
November 2, 2019

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